Cuckolded by a Shemale

She grasped my hand and lifted it from the bar and down towards her crotch. There, she pressed my open palm against the tight, silky V between her legs.
"Oh my," I gasped as I felt the hot bulging stiffness of what promised to be a most magnificent surprise.


Savannah, dressed in a small and incredibly revealing dress, sits at the hotel bar, waiting for her older, unimaginative husband Jeremy to pretend to pick her up; it is a game that they regularly play. Only this time, things are going to go a little differently, as Savannah is picked up by a stunning shemale named Eve.
Eve whisks Savannah and Jeremy off to their suite, where she cuckolds Jeremy - forcing him to watch as she seduces his wife and gives her pleasures that only a T-girl packing ten inches of fully functional surprise can give, before allowing him the release that he craves.


EXPLICIT: This incredibly erotic story of a hot wife's sissy-boy cuckolding by a T-girl is 7,000 words of high-octane, sexy action to arouse and entertain you, includes graphic descriptions of futanari, oral, anal, domination and three-way sex.



Words: 7,000