Two Futa College Students and the Professor

"She'd waited for so long to reveal her monster surprise to him and she could hardly believe that here she was now, naked and exposed before him – no more secrets hiding in her tight shorts – and performing for his delectation."


Professor Utzman had heard rumors about Anastasia, that the stunning college girl packed one heck of a nine-inch surprise in those tight shorts of hers. Then, one evening after class, Anastasia and her best T-girl friend Shelley decide to let him find out for himself. They put on a shemale-shemale show to seduce him, and them introduce the professor to the exotic delights of two hot shemale bodies.


EXPLICIT: This incredibly sexy 7,500 word story contains erotic descriptions intended to entertain and arouse of shemale, transsexual, anal, oral, dp, professor, frottering, futa, futanari, three-way, group, exhibitionist, and voyeurism.


Words: 7,500